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Another person is a foreign country.


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1920s, 1930s slang, 45's, arcades, art museums, automat, automata, badfish, bakelite, baseball, being coffee, being older than you, blues, bollywood, brimfield, brooklyn, bungalows, butch, butch unicorns, carla thomas, cartooning, charlotte salomon, circus/carnival history, competitive monagamy, coney island, country music, crooning, dagguereotypes, dancing_with_the_best_girl_ever, danny gregory, desmond dekker, dictaphone, donnie hathaway, drag kings, drawing, empire state soul club, ephemera, equestrian dinner theater, falcon studios presents, falsetto, femme fatales, femmes, film, fleamarkets, flying pickets, footlight records, forgotten new york, francesca zambello, frank o'hara, giant robot, gold diggers of 1933, graphic novels, greek mythology, ham radio, handpainted signage, hawaii, hawaiian music, historical fiction, history, history museums, hokum, holding hands, ida lupino, indeterminate gender, joseph cornell, kissing, kon tiki, kristy_chan_degrassi_locker_slam, lieder, lino brocka, literature, living_the_bears_we_know_lifestyle, lost films, lp's, magic lanterns, magic moments, magick, mail surprises, manga, memento mori, microfiche, mysterious smiles, mythology, narrative, old advertisements, only connect, opera, opera queens, packing bear, pandas, pawn shops, piano bars, pink lady and jeff, pitchers and catchers report, post packing, postbutch, pre-code films, prhmk, prospect park, puppets, queer femmes, queer makeout session, ragtime, rebirth brass band, restoration, rotary telephones, roy smeck, sampaguita, shoujo manga, show tunes, singing, sitting_in_the_rain_listening_to_taj_mahal, slow dancing, social history, songwriting, soul music, stax records, strangers with candy, studio one, sushi, tennessee williams, that tingly feeling, the big broadcast, the golden age, the last whiskey bar, the meters, the original sabu, theater 80, tim seibles, time travel, tin pan alley, tomboys, tricycles, trolleys, trouser roles, truman capote, turner classic movies, uncertain smiles, useless crushes, vaudeville, ventriloquism, vitaphone, william blake, wong kar wai, writing, yard sales
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